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Every four years it seems like there’s a new underdog story to get behind. So we talked to some fans to find out exactly what makes us love the underdogs so much. Do you feel like just qualifying for the tournament is a victory in itself? It’s 18 games, I believe, in qualifying. So a lot of games to win and to actually be in the tournament.

When I see them come out on the field and sing the national anthem, they’re playing for pride, they’re playing for their national team. Tell me about what makes you excited for the tournament even if there aren’t high expectations to win it all? Tell me about a time when the team beat all odds to win. England in 2016… That was a really big step for us.

People watch the English league here in Iceland or Singapore and seeing our guys defeating those great footballers was amazing. I talked to a neuroscientist to get a better understanding as to why people love to support the underdog so much. In the brain, empathy has correlates. That chemical is called oxytocin, So that’s a hormone, we express it when we feel empathy towards somebody. And often empathy is felt towards somebody who is weaker. If that persona or team that we perceive as “weaker” comes through, that is just something that we perceive as a triumph.

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This feeling of empathy and signaling of this hormone enhances this kind of perspective that basically signals those brain regions ‘You are feeling empathetic towards that person or towards that team’ at that time. And it kind of reinforces that cycle where you get more empathetic and you strengthen that type of feeling and build it up. We love underdogs because they represent us.

We want to see the little guy come out on top. That’s exactly why we love this game. What’s your favorite giant killing story?

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This is impossible holy shit this is sick dude this was a shooting game this thing i’m going to give it two euros and play a shooting game locations like this….. of you just find and explore it en get on camera with an enormous amount of stuff and after all those years still stands over here that is just onbelivable And basically its just a huge chaos of game-machines Overe here might be hunderds of machines this are not just five of them it might be just 500 or 600, 800 how many do you think? let me know in the comments this absolutely deserves a this is like Gold, imagine like a young kid over here playing, it even has pedals even a shifting gear, you’ll love it al a small kid It was cool and you we’re having fun! Very cool, have you ever played a machine like this?

let me know a game like this with a chair and all with pedals, and gear shifting from one to two to three to four all the way cool that is is still in here by now we have explored the location it is not really big after all and i think it might be time to go back home thanks for watching and smash the thumbs up subscribe to ExploringTV (link in description) gan we get 100 likes for this sick location? let me know what you think of the location we explored this is one of the best locations I have explored it’s bizar how much money worth on machines are in here hundreds of euros, might be thousands we checked this location so we’ll go home, I mean a second location you will see this location later on my channel we are going to our next location, this is the end of the video! Let’s See you next time! Ciao! SIBSCRIBE AND GET EXCITED!

Making An $85 Guitar Play Like A $1000 Guitar


I wanted do it on Craigslist because you can get guitars for really cheap. And I’ve had a lot of luck with Craigslist, but do you have kind of be careful. You have to ask a lot of questions to find out what you’re getting into. And the number one tip is to take somebody with you.

I’m taking Taylor and Josh, so I think I’ll be pretty safe. Anyway, this is guitar is a Affinity Fender Strat 85 bucks, the right price, the right place, the right guitar and it’s in the town that I live in. So I think this is gonna be a pretty good option for us.

So I worked at one of the largest volume guitar retailers in America for five years, and I sold a crap ton of guitars. And I bought a lot of guitars too off of people that came in, and wanted to trade in or in or something. And I got a lot of sketchy people, man. We never knew where the guitar came from, you had to ask. And there are some things you can ask people when you’re buying guitar that reveal a lot of things to keep you kind of safe, as far as getting a stolen guitar, or just the quality of the guitar. Ask them, “Hey, how long have you had this guitar?

“Where did you get it from? “How much did you pay for it?” If they answer those questions, it’ll reveal some stuff. Dude, we had a lot of sketchy pretty at that shop. (rock music) – [Man] Hello. – Hey, man.

– Nathan. – Nathan, Blake. – Good to meet you, man, so that’s the guitar? Cool.

– This is it. – So the first thing I would look for when I’m looking at a used guitar, a new guitar for that matter, is just check the tuning keys and make sure that there’s no gaps or blips in ’em. If there’s a problem with those, you’re gonna have to replace them, and this can be tough to find one that matches or you’re gonna need to replace the whole set, right?

The next thing is the nut, make sure there’s no cracks in the nut, and make sure that the edges aren’t broken off, that happens on less expensive guitars where the materials are less expensive too. So just check that out and make sure it’s in good working order. The next thing I would check for is just the electronics. Just make sure they all work, go through the pickups, go through the volume control. It’s really out of tune, but that’s all right. Tone control, that one’s good, that one’s good.

This jack is loose, but that’s pretty common on guitars you can fix that as long as there’s not a short end, as long it’s not crackling, right. That’s what you wanna look for. Other than that, just check it over structurally. On some guitars, the headstock, the guitar may have fallen, and the headstock may have a crack in it or something like that. Check the pocket right here for cracks on bolt-on guitars. Just give it a really good once over.

If the neck is bowed a little bit, that’s okay you can fix that but you wanna check a little bit to make sure it’s kind of even on each side, that it’s not twisted. On strats, that’s not really a problem, they’re usually on Gibsons, other set neck guitars that might be an issue. So I think this guitar will do the job, I think we’ll go ahead and grab it.

(percussive rock music) So there’s just a few tools that you’re gonna need to make all the adjustments that we’re gonna do to this guitar. And hopefully, most people will have these just laying around their house. So you don’t have to go out and spend any money. You’re gonna need a polish cloth and some polish, some screwdrivers, a socket, some allen wrenches, some new strings, string winder, and a clipper, fingernail file and some masking tape, and then just a tuner too. All right, the first thing when you get a new used-guitar, even if it’s cheap, take pride in it. It’s your guitar, it’s your baby, clean it up.

To do that, I just have some basic guitar polish, and a polish cloth, that’s where you start. And if you don’t have guitar polish or a polish cloth like this, just use a t-shirt, and just breathe on the guitar, that will get most things off. But this guitar is a little bit dirty, which is fine, there’s dust and stuff under there. And I’ll be giving you some more tips as soon as we get the strings off to clean it, as you go. But this is the first thing, this is step one. Just get all the junk off of it, right.

And you’ll be good to go. Another thing that I have that I’ll show you later, it’s just some steel wool to clean the fret board, and some fret board conditioner too, if you want, but you don’t have to have that. – Number two is to tighten things up. So a lot of times with used guitars, there’s gonna be a few places where things will be a little bit loose. One of those is on the output jack, and this is especially the case for Strats.

Also, your volume and tone knobs here, and then also up here on the tuning pegs. So we’re gonna go ahead and tighten all those up. (mellow rock music) Make sure that you don’t over-tighten these ’cause then they can be really hard to turn.

Number three, adjust your neck. And this guitar when we bought it, it’s a special situation, I say special but it’s a really common situation when you buy a used guitar. Strats come set up with nine gauge strings.

This guitar has 10s on, I can tell because the neck’s bowed a little bit and it’s tough to play. So what we’re gonna do is adjust the neck with 10’s on it, make it play right so you could see how that works, and then when we change the strings in the next little point, we’re gonna put nines on it so goes back to the way it should be originally. Andrew and I check neck relief the same way so I’m gonna let him show you how to do this and just make a small adjustment, don’t be afraid to do it as long as you do little incremental steps when you do it. – That’s right, that’s the important thing. So quickly to check here, we’re just gonna fret on the first fret and the very last fret. And then all we do is we just touch there to see how much distance there is between the end of the eighth fret and the string there.

And we can see that there’s a decent amount of space. Probably more space than we want, we usually want a little bit of movement but this is too much. – I like minimal movement, just where it pings, just barely moves.

– Exactly, and it’s gonna depend on your guitar, how low you can get that. All right. (light rock music) – Okay, so that’s a little bit better, almost to where I would like it if I was playing this guitar with 10’s on it. I’m gonna put the neck back to where it was so we can change strings, put some nines on there.

And that is step number four. Put new strings on your guitar, fresh strings. You don’t know where this guitar has been, you don’t know what it’s been through. You don’t even know what gauge strings are on it. These might be 10’s, it might be something else.

So if you need help changing your strings, we’re gonna put a link in the description below this video, where you can go, and watch a video that’s pretty exhaustive on how to change your strings on you electric guitar or acoustic guitar. – So all you’re gonna need to do this is set of strings, and a set of clippers/string winder. All right, let’s get into it. – Cool.

(upbeat bluesy rock) All right, we’ve got the strings off. And there a couple things you wanna make sure you do while you have the opportunity. The first one is to clean the rest of the guitar that was hidden by the strings, right.

You can do the body of the guitar, you can even use some 0000 grit steel wool to clean the fret board. That works really well and I have some cold-pressed linseed oil that I use to condition my fret board, maybe once a year, just to keep it from drying out. That’s another important thing to do every once in while. – Right.

– Cool. – Another you’re gonna wanna do is, you’re gonna wanna take this opportunity to lube the nut of the guitar here. So there’s a couple ways you can do this. One of the more popular ways is to use something like this, which they call nut sauce, and you can just fire it in there.

What happens is the strings can sometimes bind up in there and obviously that’s gonna cause tuning issues. Another thing that you can do though, if you have it kicking around, is pencil lead. So mechanical pencils work really well, you can get in there and just make sure you get a little bit in each one, kind of clean it off, make sure the leads in there. And you should be good to go. – All right, tip number five to make your cheap guitar play great, I wanted to kind of stick here in the middle, why we’re doing the string change, and that is if you have any frets that are poking out like the cheese grater, that’s really uncomfortable to play.

That is my least favorite thing about cheap guitars or used guitars. – No doubt. – So what you can do, a lot of people don’t know this, is make sure you tape off the fret that’s giving you trouble and then you can just use a regular fingernail file to file that fret off. The reason you use the tape is to make sure you don’t scratch the finish on your guitar. So I’ll show you what that looks like real quick. (light guitar rock) – [Nathan] Cool, that’s fine.

– [Man] I’m surprised how much came off there. – Yeah, what are these little like– – [Nathan] That is epoxy from the factory. – [Andrew] Oh, man.

Whoa. (rustling) – Yeah. That’s why you cover it. Especially cover those two (mumbles).

So this is just cold-pressed linseed oil, and I’ve had this bottle for 10, 12 years. And this’ll last forever and all you’re doing is putting some moisture back into your fret board so it doesn’t crack on you. I have one guitar that has a cracked fret board. – Yeah. – It’s fine now but if I had been more diligent about this it wouldn’t have happened, and again, this in only once, maybe once every year I do this. – It’s gonna depend on where you live, right?

– Exactly, right. – Good clap. (upbeat guitar rock) All right, so now we’re gonna put some nine’s back on this thing because that’s what this guitar was originally set up for. (guitar rock music) Okay, so we got the nine’s on there, but we did notice that the neck is gonna need a little bit of an adjustment. So we’re gonna do that right now.

– And when you adjust, make little adjustments, just go like a quarter of a turn at a time and then check it. If it starts buzzing on the first five frets, anywhere around that area, you’ve probably gone too far and you wanna back it off a little bit until you get rid of that buzzing. But you’re looking to straighten the neck out just a little bit to where it’s just the slightest amount of bow in it this way. And you can look down the neck or you can do the little method where you fret the first fret and maybe where the fret touches the body, and see if there’s any space between the frets and the strings as you do that. – And one thing I’ll mention is this one was pretty loose, which means, most of the time a trust rod should feel tight.

So I know that’s why I’m doing a little bit more. – Yeah, I mean, it felt completely loose. – It did. Okay, so we got it looking pretty good. None of the strings are buzzing at the first fret except for one, so that kind of leads us to our next point.

– Yeah, which is string height on your bridge, is the saddles of your bridge. And for the most part, most necks have a radius to them. It’s like a small curve, some of them are pretty flat, but this one, what is it? Nine an half inches or something like that? – Something like that.

– On the Strat. And the saddles kind of go into that nice soft curve, but if you look at the string that’s buzzing, and this one, the D string, it’s a little bit out of wack. – Yes.

– So you’re gonna wanna just make sure that there’s a nice curve to them if you have a nine and a half inch radius on your fret board. And if they’re not, just make a little adjustment here or if you got your neck pretty flat, but you still want your action a little bit lower you could try and lower these a little bit. But let’s go ahead and just take a look at this adjustment. So this D string settles a little bit lower and you can see it’s kind of angled to one side.

So what I wanna do is bring this side up that’s crooked or lower, up a little bit to where it’s even with the other side. And this should be a little bit higher than the A string. So it’s got that nice curve to it and that should fix the buzzing in the first fret. – All right, so number seven. We’re gonna take a look at the pickup heights.

Now, quite often, you’re gonna see especially with Stratocasters, these pickups angled like this. So a little bit lower on the bass side, a little bit higher on the treble side, and that is perfectly normal. The reason for that is there’s more output coming from these than there is from these, so we do that to compensate. What you’ll wanna do is you’ll wanna kind of experiment with the heights, the higher it is, the more output your gonna have, the lower it is, the less you’re gonna have. Usually, it is gonna just sound different in general.

One other thing is that you’re gonna usually want your bridge pickup to be a little bit higher, the one in the middle to be kind of in the middle, and then the one at the neck here, to be the lowest of all of them. Again, because there’s more vibration, distance on the strings here, so it’s gonna end up being louder. But again, it’s something you just wanna experiment with. And use your ears to kind of decide what’s gonna sound best.

And on this guitar, you can see this one maybe is a little bit low so if you want to adjust it, we’ll just fire a screwdriver in there and depending on the type of pick, you might have to go left or right, but going right here raises it. And I think I’m pretty happy with that, I think that’s fine. – All right, the last little tip to make your cheap or used electric guitar play great is to set your intonation up so your guitar sounds as good as possible. And you may be thinking, that’s complicated, I don’t know how do it. But I have a quick way for you to remember this and it’s a easy way to implement it and it’s this thing right here. Just remember, FFF.

If the fretted note is flat, move the saddle forward. And I’ll show you what that means. Will you turn that tuner on there, Andy? If I have this G string and we checked this earlier so I know it’s in tune, and then just hit it open, see if it’s in tune, get it perfect, and then fret the 12th fret. If it’s flat, if that note on the 12th fret is flat, you need to move the saddle forward that way.

So I’m gonna do that and that’s how you set intonation on a guitar, just little adjustments at a time. Then again. All right, so I just made that little adjustment, get it back and tune it to a G, check the 12th fret, and it’s a G too. So that’s the way you set your intonation so the guitar plays as in tune as possible all the way up the neck. All right, we are ready to compare these two guitars.

I’m just plugged in straight into a Peavey Classic 30, neutral settings, really flat. I’m gonna go neck pickup, I’m gonna play one riff, switch guitars and then play the exact same thing or as close to it as I can get. (mellow guitar music) – [Andrew] Good right there. – So the guitars are feeling pretty similar to me. I mean– – They sound great, both of them.

– I think this is a $1300 guitar. I paid 85 for that one, it feels really good. That one is brighter but you can always adjust your amp or your controls on your guitar to kind of compensate for that, to get a little bit of a mellower of tone, if you want. If you like a spanky tone, that’s great. That’s it for this video, make sure to leave a comment below letting us know what you thought of the sound of each of these two guitars, if you think it’s worth investing the time getting a cheap guitar to play better or if you should just go out and buy a nice standard American Strat off the bat.

– And if you like this video, make sure to like and subscribe. We’ll see you guys later. (mellow guitar music)

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A Forex White Label – 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Start One!

These 3 reasons will give you a pretty good idea of some of the basic things you need to take care of before you get started. After all, I want you to know exactly what you’re up against and not mislead you by painting an unrealistic picture of what you’re likely to face. So let’s get started, shall we?

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The 1st reason you should avoid the launch of your own white label in Forex or at least delay it for a while is A Lack of MONEY! In today’s world, no sane person can expect to start a business without access to any capital whatsoever. Nevertheless, we receive multiple requests on a daily basis from people looking for a free white label solution. If you do the math, the business model of a free white label just doesn’t add up.

Think about this… The platform that most Forex traders prefer is MetaTrader 4 or MT4, which is licensed by a company by the name of MetaQuotes; the Microsoft of retail Forex. For every MT4 white label that a brokerage firm sub-licenses to a third party (like you), MetaQuotes charges $5,000 up front and $1,000 a month.

MetaQuotes does not set up a new white label platform until that money is paid. No matter how much potential you think your future white label business has, no money means no platform! But you may argue that the broker should pay for it, since you’ll pay them back once you get your successful network of traders up and running. But given the fact that most new businesses in ANY industry fail during the first few years of operations, I ask you, Do you think that any intelligent brokerage firm will take that risk? Of course not.

No reputable Forex brokerage firm that cares about their business will issue you a free MT4 white label while praying that you will succeed one day. Even though this is a fact, some people are really hard headed. They may respond, I CAN find a free solution.

I can simply go with a firm that offers their own proprietary platform and they might be willing to brand it for free. Yes there are firms that may be willing to do this, but if you offer a platform other than MT4, it will likely lead your demise! In the FX market, traders want MetaTrader 4. They demand it. Offering them something else represents a very steep uphill battle. In conclusion, you NEED MT4!

But don’t get discouraged. If you don’t have the funds to launch your own Forex White Label just yet, but believe that you have a business model that will really work, I have an easier and more practical solution for you… Start by becoming an introducing broker with a reputable Forex firm that offers a good incentive program for white label partners. Under this incentive program, once your IB network is generating enough monthly volume, you can transfer your client accounts to your own White Label brand and the brokerage firm that you partner up with will pay all the MT4 platform fees on your behalf.

After all, a profitable IB business is concrete proof that your White Label will also be successful! To learn more about how incentive programs work, simply complete the form on our website and one of our executives will gladly walk you through it. A lack of experience is the second reason you should not start your own white label. It’s important to note that by experience, I am not referring to business experience in general.

You might already be a very experienced entrepreneur and even own businesses that are successful in other areas…but if you don’t know much about Forex and trading, you might be better off delaying the launch of your branded brokerage firm. Like any other business, Forex is unique. Failure to understand what makes it work and how to avoid potential pitfalls and headaches associated with it, can easily lead to the demise of your white label. The problem is that since Forex can be very lucrative, inexperienced businessmen might approach it with a holy grailish mentality. However, FX is anything but a guaranteed path to riches.

It takes experience, knowledge and effort to make a Forex business work. If you ignore this fact, you might as well flush all your start-up funds down the drain! Even if you plan on hiring the staff to help you run your white label business, it’s a good idea that you know a bit about Forex before getting started. That is the reason that we spend so much time discussing this in great detail with all our customers as well as providing time-tested advice to help them acquire the necessary experience before getting started. So…do you have the experience it takes to make this business work?

The third and last reason why you should not start your own white label relates to VALUE. You have the money and you have the FX experience. That’s good. But how do you plan to stand out in the crowd? Every industry has competition.

Forex is no stranger to it. The key is how you plan to deal with it. What are the services and products that you plan to offer your clients in order to have an edge over the white label sitting right next to you?

What makes you different? If you’re having a difficult time answering these questions, you might want to take a deep breath, relax, and make sure that you find good answers before slapping your logo on MT4. On our website and guide, we discuss many ways Forex White Labels can offer value to their customers; for example, you can offer trading education, a live chat room, professionally managed accounts, etc. You should definitely come up with a list of incentives for customers to open accounts with your firm.

It’s important! Remember that the more value you offer your traders, the higher your conversion from demo to real accounts will be and the longer your customers will trade with you. Furthermore, in today’s day and age of social-media fanaticism and obsession with reviews, offering your clients valuable incentives will only help strengthen your company’s reputation online. During all our initial discussions with potential white label partners, we spend a lot of time going over these incentives. However, there are some rare exceptions.

There are times that even though new clients don’t have anything unique to offer, we still recommend that they start their white label. When do we do this? When customers are fortunate enough to own successful, high-traffic websites in a complementary business that they can leverage off of. For example, let’s say that the company wishing to start a white label runs an online casino with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors or an investment blog with many subscribers and fans. A company like this can easily set up a new brand or their existing brand on an FX platform and, just based on sheer traffic, convert a small percentage of their existing leads to open Forex accounts.

Even though the conversion rate will be much lower than a white label business that offers good incentives for customers to open accounts, the sheer number of potential leads might more than compensate for that. But as I mentioned earlier, these kind of high-traffic complementary businesses are the exception rather than the rule. All other businesses should carefully write down a list of value-added services they plan to offer before making the decision to start a branded Forex solution. Whether or not you have anything of value to offer your white label clients, we’ll discuss this topic with you in enough detail to help you take the most profitable course of action for your firm.

If you’ve watched this far, you obviously care about making your White Label Forex business work. Go over these three steps in your head and then contact us to devise a plan of action that will increase your chances of success exponentially. To help clients like you achieve success and avoid the delays and headaches that some companies face when starting out in Forex, we also published a detailed guide based on practical experience and time tested techniques. You can access our hands-on guide from our website I hope you liked this video and that it helped you. Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

Thanks for watching an we look forward to helping your Forex business grow.

Monaco Vacation

Fabulously wealthy and gilded by history, the Principality of Monaco lies on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Smaller than New York’s Central Park, this graceful destination is bordered by France and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. With ancient streets full of exotic cars, a natural harbour filled with super yachts and a glittering royal legacy, Monaco is a tiny relic of medieval Europe that has made itself at home in the 21st century. It draws the rich, the famous and those seeking the kind of lifestyle usually only found on the silver screen. There is no glamour quite like the old world style still to be found under the soaring chandeliers of Monaco’s magnificent Casino de Monte-Carlo. Although it is open for tours during the day, the real James Bond magic begins here as the sun goes down and the roulette wheels start to spin.

This architectural masterpiece, with its wickedly decadent Opera Hall was dreamed up by the wife of Prince Florestan the first in the late 19th century, as the royal family teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. With gambling illegal in Italy and France, the Casino became a triumph like an online casino in New Zealand. Known as a “health spa” to protect it from church criticism, the cream of European society flocked to try their luck with lady fortune. Times may have changed but not the nature of Monte Carlo. International visitors are still lured here by the balmy weather and a calendar packed with star-studded events.

Nearby streets in the Carré d’Or remain a magnet for lovers of high-end fashion, luxury jewellery and bespoke perfumes. Follow ancient footfalls further back in time down medieval alleyways into the old town. This is where, 700 years ago, Francois Grimaldi disguised himself as a monk, murdered the guard and captured the fortress. On that night, it became a Grimaldi stronghold and a dynasty was born. Intimately connected to the Grimaldis, the fortress protected the family from foreign powers for many generations before being transformed into the luxurious Princely Palace in the 16th century.

It remains the royal residence, with a ceremony still taking place every morning at the changing of the guard. The Oceanography Museum, is a more recent royal legacy. It was created in 1910 by Prince Albert the first, who was known as the “Prince of the Seas.” Built into the side of The Rock of Monaco and almost 90 metres above sea level, this ground-breaking institute was set up to share knowledge and protect the earth’s fragile oceans. It features many of the discoveries of Jaques Cousteau.

Head downhill to the harbor that for centuries provided a natural barrier that helped shore up Monaco’s uneasy alliances. Today, Hercules Port is the place to watch mega yachts jostle for space, especially during the city’s most famous event, the Monaco Grand Prix. Although it is one of the most famous race tracks in the world, it is also one of the world’s most accessible.

When the formula one drivers aren’t in town, anyone can experience the tight corners of the street circuit. But no legacy is quite as glamorous as that of Grace Kelly, the Academy award winning hollywood actress who wrote her own story when she married Prince Rainier III and became Princess of Monaco. Princess Grace’s influence lives on throughout the principality, in the streets which were lined with crowds on her wedding day in 1956 and in the neoclassical Monaco Cathedral where the fairytale couple were married and where they now rest together, forever. For many visitors, Monaco’s magnetic attraction lies in its chic reputation, its A-list residents, and its high-profile events but her magic goes far deeper than that. Small in size, but expansive in its vision this is the perfect place to don your dark sunglasses, slip on your driving gloves and step into the world of the powerful characters whose stories have kept Monaco at the forefront of the world’s imagination for centuries.

Tiverton casino starts taking sports bets

(he) an exciting day for casino-goers. You can now bet on your favorite sports teams at a second location in rhode island. (mm) sports betting began at twin river in lincoln last monday — and started today at the new casino in tiverton.(he) casino officials are hoping the new game will bring more people through the doors. Eyewitness news reporter shiina losciuto was there for the launch in tiverton — and joins us now from the east bay mobile newsroom. A small crowd was here ready to make their first bet right a three o clock. I met quite a few people say this location is just more convenient for them, instead of going to twin river in lincoln. If you’re willing to gamble…Monday night football may now be a lot more interesting.”This is a new product and a new amenity which we are very excited to offer.” sports betting officially launched at the tiverton casino hotel- just a week after it kicked off at the twin river casino in lincoln. Rhode island lawmakers were hoping to get sports betting running by october first..The weeks long delay cut the projected revenue for the state’s fiscal year by about half. “I’ve been waiting 37 years for sports betting to be legalized and to come so, it’s been a long wait.” al kolonovich was first in line..Coming over from taunton massachusetts. “It’s small, much smaller than out in las vegas but so far so good.”Rhode island is the first state in new england to legalize sports betting we’re expecting to learn how how many people participated at the end of the month- once the rhode island lottery releases the numbers. Casino officials can however tell us, things have been going steady since the launch in lincoln… “If it’s a busy weekend with sports versus a weekday the traffic flows…Were just getting used to what we can expect on a weekend week out basis.” the lincoln casino is currently building a new sports betting lounge- this is what the spokesperson said when asked if there are any plans to expand in tiverton.”It’s too soon to speculate but all i would say is that we constantly listen to our guests and monitor what they do and don’t like about the amenities that we offer” the sports better area is on the left side of the casino here in tiverton. There, you will find several pamphlets like these ones with all of the rules. Sl ewn.