Tiverton casino starts taking sports bets

(he) an exciting day for casino-goers. You can now bet on your favorite sports teams at a second location in rhode island. (mm) sports betting began at twin river in lincoln last monday — and started today at the new casino in tiverton.(he) casino officials are hoping the new game will bring more people through the doors. Eyewitness news reporter shiina losciuto was there for the launch in tiverton — and joins us now from the east bay mobile newsroom. A small crowd was here ready to make their first bet right a three o clock. I met quite a few people say this location is just more convenient for them, instead of going to twin river in lincoln. If you’re willing to gamble…Monday night football may now be a lot more interesting.”This is a new product and a new amenity which we are very excited to offer.” sports betting officially launched at the tiverton casino hotel- just a week after it kicked off at the twin river casino in lincoln. Rhode island lawmakers were hoping to get sports betting running by october first..The weeks long delay cut the projected revenue for the state’s fiscal year by about half. “I’ve been waiting 37 years for sports betting to be legalized and to come so, it’s been a long wait.” al kolonovich was first in line..Coming over from taunton massachusetts. “It’s small, much smaller than out in las vegas but so far so good.”Rhode island is the first state in new england to legalize sports betting we’re expecting to learn how how many people participated at the end of the month- once the rhode island lottery releases the numbers. Casino officials can however tell us, things have been going steady since the launch in lincoln… “If it’s a busy weekend with sports versus a weekday the traffic flows…Were just getting used to what we can expect on a weekend week out basis.” the lincoln casino is currently building a new sports betting lounge- this is what the spokesperson said when asked if there are any plans to expand in tiverton.”It’s too soon to speculate but all i would say is that we constantly listen to our guests and monitor what they do and don’t like about the amenities that we offer” the sports better area is on the left side of the casino here in tiverton. There, you will find several pamphlets like these ones with all of the rules. Sl ewn.