Today we will find a abandoned casino where are still blackjack tables and roulette tables… slot machines and name it on It’s about 15 minutes driving from here, let’s go there and see you Make sure to do a you will ee this location Let’s go to the location, ciao By now we have arrived to our location we’re trying to find the casino with all of the blackjack tables and the roulette tables, I’m very curious here behind me I already see a few slot machines We need to climb fairly high to get over there, so, Let’s go! Check, This is an amount of income! we will go inside soon but see what I already find here, An elephant!

Even with its Tusks, very cool People over here played online gambling casino was used and all of the Games are still in here This is so cool to see Guys, have you ever seen the inside of an Sloth table This is the inside Look, what i’ve found The blackjack table This is where the people took a seat and played some blackjack I am behind a blackjack table This is where the people stood, and this was the board with statics of every player or to had out the cards, im not sure how the game works Let me know in the comments if you know how to play blackjack I’m very curious because it looks very cool Dude, check this! woooooooow, it can still spin What did you found? NO WAY, a Skiing simulator IF you stand on it you can bank left and right and you just stand here and follow the screen The thing is going back and forth Marvin just Skied as you have seen and I want to try it too, but the thing is so loose Sven: I have never skied! Ever has to be the first time huh even without hands Is it on? Yes it’s on Look what i find over here oooow there is no way!

This is impossible holy shit this is sick dude this was a shooting game this thing i’m going to give it two euros and play a shooting game locations like this….. of you just find and explore it en get on camera with an enormous amount of stuff and after all those years still stands over here that is just onbelivable And basically its just a huge chaos of game-machines Overe here might be hunderds of machines this are not just five of them it might be just 500 or 600, 800 how many do you think? let me know in the comments this absolutely deserves a this is like Gold, imagine like a young kid over here playing, it even has pedals even a shifting gear, you’ll love it al a small kid It was cool and you we’re having fun! Very cool, have you ever played a machine like this?

let me know a game like this with a chair and all with pedals, and gear shifting from one to two to three to four all the way cool that is is still in here by now we have explored the location it is not really big after all and i think it might be time to go back home thanks for watching and smash the thumbs up subscribe to ExploringTV (link in description) gan we get 100 likes for this sick location? let me know what you think of the location we explored this is one of the best locations I have explored it’s bizar how much money worth on machines are in here hundreds of euros, might be thousands we checked this location so we’ll go home, I mean a second location you will see this location later on my channel we are going to our next location, this is the end of the video! Let’s See you next time! Ciao! SIBSCRIBE AND GET EXCITED!